Coyote’s Cave

Coyote and Wolf had floated on a raft for days and days without ever sighting land, or any other rafts, or anything swimming in the water. They were puzzled; neither could remember what they might have been doing before they found themselves on the raft. That didn’t much bother Coyote, who often couldn’t remember, or so he thought—he couldn’t be sure, because he couldn’t remember whether there had been things to remember. Wolf, however, was sure that his memory, unlike Coyote’s, had always been keen and reliable, though he couldn’t remember anything before the raft, either. So Wolf concluded that this raft floating alone on endless water must be the very first thing that ever happened; this must be the very beginning of the world, and he and Coyote must be, so far, the very first beings in the world. Wolf was rather proud of himself for figuring all this out, so he didn’t wait to tell Coyote: “This is the beginning of things, and we’re the only beings in the world!”